Every once in while like to go to WHsmith in London, to get Stationery so I can get myself organised things I need to. so I can write them down so I never forget them. It is good have a notepad and pencil and pen so can write good ideas in your YouTube videos  and also write things about your blog any ideas may have so put it down so may not forget them.

Is great have own diary so put in your handbag so can write them down the important date’s may have and so don’t forget family brithday’s, or busy schedule. One of my favourite things is do list so I can write things I need to do at home and just mark it once I have done it.

I love zoella lifestyle range especially her stationery things. I would never thought she will bring lifestyle range. I was so happy when has come out so I can go buy it  for me and my daugher she also like zoella too. I have done my daughter room is pink and white her room looks so lovely would  love to sleep in her room  after christmas I going buy her desk from her room so she do her homework she also want  9 drawers called Alex from Ikea so she can put her make up things some other things.



zoella wonderful Journal

Zoella stay on top of your world Book

Zoella it’s theLittle Things Jotters

Ikea Alex 9 Drawers


Love you guys

Nastasha Diamons

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My one Year Anniversary of Blogging

Hi to my lovely people

A few days ago, I have got email from that it was my one year anniversary of blogging. I was bit of surprise has been year of me blogging.

I didn’t know I would reach this far doing my blog. I just want to say thank you all to my readers who has been supporting me throughout my blogging journey. You guys have given me much love and support  I will continue writing my blog  now I have 20 followings in my blog I didn’t know I would get 20 followings on this blog.


Love always Tasha xx

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My Sister In Law Birthday Party

Hi to my lovely people

I Went out on 22nd May to celebrate my sister-in- laws birthday. I went to amazing place called syon park hotel in Brentford London. The food is so amazing we had some sushi also drinks too. we had amazing night out just girls it was a great laugh  has well. I haven’t seen my sister-in-law  for while now  and some of family too has been so long last time, I haven’t seen them roughly was 5 years now I was so happy to see everyone again on that night

This is so amazing food we had on that night.


This is my beautiful sister-in-law.


Me and my sister-in-law.


Group of Girls night out.


Love you guys


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