About me

My name is tasha 37 years old born in Newmarket in countryside. I have move down to London when I was young age with my parents.  I’m a house wife to my lovely husband called David  come’s from Johannesburg  in south Africa. I met my husband  in UK  in 2007. He is very sweet lovely person I wouldn’t  find nice guy like him. I also have beautiful daughter her name is shirkira  who is 14 years and I have wonderful cats called fudge and Felix they are brother and sister   I want to say do have  have speech disorder  and also Learning difficulties . I really get to me I can do many things in my life I have try build self esteem to make video because get very shy is why I talk  because of my speech. I did setup a YouTube was not easy I did my best. Have started In march 2016.  I love making new friends  and in my spend time like going to church on Sunday. Do get low self esteem  I should not aloud get me should speak right things about my self  I do have lovely family they have been very supportive things I do.



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