Grace of Truth

Hi to my lovely people

want to share with you about Grace of Truth:

“For the law was given through Moses but Grace and truth come through  Jesus Christ  John 1:17


Grace is the person of Jesus, truth is the principles of Jesus.

Grace and truth are In Jesus. Many Christians because of grace are on their way to heaven and many because of lack of understanding  of his truth (principles) will get to heaven but having  missed out on God best for their lives. The law reveals men’s weakness and insufficiencies. Grace is a revelation of God’s power to save men from their weakness. Truth is the revelation of what God created man to be. Grace and truth works hand in hard to bring true freedom.

Truth sets us free to enjoy the freedom that Grace  has provided. It is for this reason that we need to be cover up your weaknesses bring them before Jesus. It is unforgiveness, is it stubbornness, is it pride, is it pornography, is it jealousy, is it laziness, rejection, insecurity. what is it? Jesus there is no condemnation but there is grace and truth to you free.

people come to church wounded and leave wounded, they think by attending church, giving an offering performing religious duties they will receive the freedom they need. Freedom is in grace, that grace is acquire freedom. However believing in Jesus is not enough to stay free. what is needed is to abide in him, because he is truth and truth will set you free.

As you abide him, his truth begins to give you new mindset. A victor mindset not a victim mindset. Grace is what makes us abide in him not our works. There is a correlation  between grace and truth. You cannot be truly free without the other Grace brings us to his truth and it sustains sin his truth. Truth makes us understand his grace and cause us hunger more of his grace. for when we encounter his truth through grace we encounter his freedom and when we encounter his freedom the more  we want his grace. The more we encounter his grace, the more  we know the truth and the more we know truth the better we become.

It is for freedom that christ has set us free, our responsibility is to stand in his freedom and not to allow ourselves to be subjected to the yoke of bondage.

Let grace an truth prevail

God bless you

Natasha diamons





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